In Williamsburg Brooklyn, Assaf Spector is inciting a musical re-evolution. In a world of a-dime-a-dozen modern alt-rock and power pop producers, endlessly recycling the same pre-fab arrangements, Israeli-born producer Assaf Spector wants to return to the elements that made Rock "Classic". It all starts with one basic and obvious maxim: music that feels great is created with great feeling. No amount of studio trickery or formulae will deliver the soul we all know feeds the root of rock ’n roll. Outstanding, honest and emotional performances in the studio arise from a sense of brotherhood, a common vision of purpose and confidence. A shared commitment to excellence stands above all petty personal differences. Assaf believes music that stands the test of time is created through enduring partnerships and respect. Great rock bands make great music and Assaf’s recordings strive to lift each artist on the creative and spiritual level. You will find each artist working intimately with Assaf, inexorably searching the vast resources of their shared talents to add the appropriate touches to each track. “Come and experience what music is supposed to sound like, soulful, honest and real” – Assaf Spector